FREE VIDEO TRAINING: Our 4 Step Process to Major Media Coverage

The Secrets To Free Press Coverage

After securing media coverage in thousands of media outlets worldwide for hundreds of our clients, we created this free video training to take the guesswork out of how to generate press coverage that takes your business to the next level. Grab our free video training today, and start talking to reporters by tonight!

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Learn How to Write a Media Pitch

We'll show you step by step and even provide you with our proven template for sending pitches to reporters.

Learn How to Contact a Reporter

We will walk you through our process for identifying the best reporters to pitch to and how exactly to find their contact info and reach out to them.

Get Interviewed by the Press

Our 4 step process in this training video will give you all the tools you need to immediately get interviewed by reporters and journalists about your business!

About Fifth Avenue Brands

Fifth Avenue Brands is New York's leading public relations agency for entrepreneurs, public figures and thought leaders. We have represented startups to Fortune 500s including Expedia, The United Nations, Grant Cardone, MeltWater and more. We have been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fox News and more for being one of New York's fastest-growing agencies.


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